Have You Scheduled Your Vehicle for Service in the New Year?

2019 is here. That means by now everyone has returned from vacation, gotten back into their normal routines, and have earned a paycheck or two since splurging on the family for the holidays. With all that activity in the rearview mirror, have you asked yourself when the last time was that you got your vehicle serviced?

There are any number of things that can go wrong with your vehicle, and a little routine maintenance now can go a long way towards preventing bigger problems for you later. Here at Ron Marhorfer we offer a variety of automotive services performed by factory-certified technicians at an affordable price.

We do oil changes, brake repairs, tire changeovers, and vehicle inspections among other services. If you need more significant word done like body repairs, we do that as well at our Collision Repair Center. We offer free estimates on damage and can put in a low-cost rental car while we service your vehicle.

If you need to schedule a service appointment, you can do so at your convenience here. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to serve you whenever you’re ready and we even give away free coffee to all our clients. We hope you do right by your vehicle and come see us soon.

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