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If you’re considering a new or used GMC Sierra 1500 near Akron, it’s probably got something to do with its great ratings in towing and hauling, which are some of the best in the industry for a pickup. When you need even more power out of your Sierra’s engine, whether for hauling even more weight, carrying more supplies for the worksite, or even roaring faster down the highway or off, there’s a number of ways to increase the throughput of your GMC truck. Read on to find out how to keep your rig strong, efficient, and economical.

Air Intake or High-Flow Replacement Filter

The Sierra 1500 is supported by some of the best towing and hauling rating in the "pickup truck" world! Thus, it's imperative to make sure that your torque and horsepower levels are in good standing. To increase the amount of air available to the engine, and thus increasing your horsepower, torque, and throttle response, your high-flow air intake system needs to stay in top condition. That means replacing the system’s filter with a high-quality cotton-gauze filter that you can wash and reuse, saving even more money.

Throttle Body Spacer (for Naturally Aspirated Engines)

If your engine is naturally aspirated, as opposed to a turbocharger, a throttle body spacer is a great way to boost its horsepower and torque quietly and simply. A throttle body spacer can get rid of annoying whistling and engine noise, and it can provide a superior mixture of air and fuel to the engine, providing it more power.

Cat Back Exhaust

To make your GMC Sierra 1500 HD near Akron sound as tough as it looks, spring for a cat back exhaust to give your truck that backcountry roar. A cat back exhaust gives your truck the sound you crave without sacrificing horsepower or torque, and its high quality ensures you’ll still achieve efficiency.


Bring your powertrain into the twenty-first century with an aftermarket tuner, which enables you to fine-tune your horsepower and torque just by pressing a button or tapping a touch screen. You can modify your Sierra’s speed limiter, tire size, rev limit, and more, easily and immediately. Plus, you’ll stay up to date through your PC!

Upgraded Intercooler (for Diesel Engines)

By upgrading your factory-installed intercooler with a stronger upgrade, you can achieve double-digit horsepower and torque improvements while keeping EGTs low. Their larger surface area optimizes heat transference, which translates to better cooling. Whether you have a Canyon, Sierra HD, or Sierra Limited near Akron, this is an essential tip for your GMC truck.

New GMC Sierra 1500 for Sale Near Akron

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