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How Does the GMC Terrain Hold Up to Competition?

If you are looking for a small SUV, make sure to add the GMC Terrain to your list. At Ron Marhofer Buick GMC in North Canton, OH, we want to be able to help you find all of the information that you might need before making the final decision as to which model is perfect for your needs. Our team compares all of the top options for you, helping to ease some of the stress that comes with searching for a new vehicle.


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Comparing the GMC Terrain and the Ford Edge

As two of the top models in their class, you might expect there to be similarities between these models, but there are many differences between them.

One of the most important factors to many of our customers is the price of a vehicle. The GMC Terrain is more affordable than the Ford Edge, making it available to a wider audience. The Terrain even provides better fuel efficiency, saving more money over time. With lower monthly payments and a more cost-effective driving experience, the Terrain causes less stress when the time comes to make a payment.

Many smaller features in the Terrain make it more appealing to drivers in the Massillon area. The oil pressure gauge of the Terrain helps you know when there is an issue with your vehicle: the Ford Edge doesn't offer one. Continuing to help you keep your vehicle running its best, the Easy Tire Fill System in the Terrain that helps you maintain the right air pressure in your tires. The Terrain also includes standard heated mirrors to help clear them for the best visibility: the Ford Edge makes you pay for that feature by only offering it on higher-level trims.

Comparing the GMC Terrain and the Toyota Highlander

Once again, the GMC Terrain is coming in at a much more reasonable price for drivers, and has a much better fuel efficiency than the Toyota Highlander does. The Highlander has a seating capacity of eight while the Terrain has room for five passengers, making it much larger and more difficult to navigate through busy streets or tight parking spots that you might find near Akron.

Even though the Terrain is smaller than the Highlander, it provides more legroom for the second row, helping to keep your passengers more comfortable during a long trip. The Terrain comes with a higher minimum cargo capacity, giving you more room for gear when you are traveling with the seats full. It can be advantageous to not have a third row of seats when you are looking to pack gear and passengers into your vehicle.


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We want you to have a vehicle that has all of the features and capabilities that will make your life easier. No matter if you are looking to bring your kids to practice in Canton, or if you are taking a trip to Cuyahoga Falls, the GMC Terrain is the Small SUV that can get it done. Being the most efficient vehicle that we looked at, you will be saving money whenever you are out on the road.

We encourage you to visit our dealership soon so that you can schedule a test drive to see all of the features and benefits that come from owning the GMC Terrain.